Cottages at Pryse Farm in Farragut, TN – Luxurious Ranch Home Living

Enjoy maintenance-free living in a charming clubhouse community just outside of Knoxville in the beautiful town of Farragut Tennessee. See floor plans at:

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How to Add Sophistication and Charm To Your Staircase

Although staircases serve a mostly functional purpose, there is no reason why your staircase can not add some charm and sophistication to your home decor too. Here are some fantastic design tips to help you achieve just the right look for you.

Choosing The Color Of Furniture For Your Room

Choosing the right color of furniture can make or break your home décor. The right color furniture can turn your room into a haven of peace and beauty, and the wrong color can totally ruin the effect you had in mind. Here are some things that you should keep in mind when you choose furniture for your home or office.

10 Things to Consider When Choosing Light Dimmers

Dimmers and intensity adjuster controls can be a great tool in adding tone and ambience to your space. They trim your utility bills, and make your home or office into a really classy space.

The Many Uses of Black Contact Paper

When the do-it-yourself homeowner sets out to redecorate, few items are more valuable than black contact paper. Easy to use, cheap and versatile, this product makes any home redecoration a snap.

Decorate Your Home With the French Style Furniture

Do you want the chic and glamorous furniture of yesteryear’s? Then the French Style Furniture is the answer to your prayers. It gives the chic and glamour to your interiors and also adds the necessary romantic ambiance to the décor. The French style pieces generally possess the oomph of shabby chic style furniture and merges smoothly into any kind of interior design – contemporary or modern.

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