Carriage House Cottage at Heritage Harbor Ottawa

This 1 bed & 1 bath is a great weekend cottage and also offers a spacious 2-car garage for your weekend toys! Learn more about the Cottage Homes at Heritage Harbor here:

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Window Decorating Ideas for All

Your windows are the perfect place to add a bit of pop to any room. You certainly want them to be functional, but they can also make a great, eye-catching decorative piece without spending a bunch of money. So, whether you want elegant draperies, simple fabrics, or modern shades, you’re sure to find the perfect window decoration for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

How Curtains Can Help Soundproof Your Home

In the battle against external noise (and even internal noise if you’re living with a noisy teenager!), extra long curtains can really make a difference. It may sound a little on the crazy side, but curtains aren’t just about making your windows and rooms look good.

Tiles Speak Volumes of Your Home Decor

Whether you’re at home, at office, at a companion’s home, at a bistro, at an inn, at school, at school, at a shopping center, at the airplane terminal, completely anyplace (unless you’re a scout in the wilderness in a camp, in which case you wouldn’t be perusing this article), you will discover tiles around you. Regardless. We may not address them as an issue, however I don’t think we’d be open to living without them.

Stenciling a Subtile Design

I have not done stenciling myself, so you can imagine how excited I was to learn that my daughter had decided to tackle this project on her own. We had talked about it and discussed colors and where it would be effective – the whole process – but I left it up to her to do her own creating. She will admit, it took her some time to gain the courage to jump in, and then the job had to be put on hold. I know how hard it is to get back to a project once it has been postponed mid-way through.

Five Things to Think About When Planning Your Home Design

Whether you are seeking to remodel, expand or purchase new, you probably have a home design in mind. There are five major points to consider in your planning.

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