Cambria Model at Springfield Pointe by North Mark Homes

Springfield Pointe in Bloomingdale, IL by North Mark Homes – The Cambria model features more than 2,800 sf, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, den, optional sunroom and a full basement.
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Creative Tuscan Mediterranean Design and Interiors

Tuscan Spanish originated in the Mediterranean countries of Spain, Greece and Italy, and is often termed as”Spanish modernistic.” Mediterranean-style furniture and architecture ranges from simplistic to extremely ornate and formal pieces. Rustic wood tables, with ornately turned legs and feet; brass and iron hardware which is heavy and often burnished or patinaed are a characteristic must. Textured wall finishes and deep rich patina is a common design detail. Come fall in love with Southwestern or Old World Spanish look, these design ideas will help you incorporate Spanish-style flair into your home

How To Care For Your Decor Furniture

Nothing says tacky about a home like dirty and worn out furniture. Many people will buy good furniture but let it run down by sheer negligence or lack of knowhow on caring for it. In other cases the furniture may be worn out by the heavy and abusive use. If the furniture was of poor quality it breaks down very quickly.

3 Popular Trends for Upholstery Material in the UK

Upholstery fabric and curtain fabric trends can seemingly change year after year, and for some this is the chance to get creative in their homes. For the thrifty, redecorating every couple of years does not need to be an expensive endeavour, but can be done by carefully transforming a few key pieces of decor in each room.

How To Lighten Up Your Grumpy Teenager With Lively Decor

Doing anything right for a teenager is mind-boggling. The color, style, price and so on have to be right. Getting them to do it is even more difficult as favorites come and go at astonishing rate. This is the same with decor for teenagers. At one time, the walls are full of Miley Cyrus, the next they are bare except for that meditating Indian dieting and spiritual guru on the corner.

What Subjects Can Be Taken on an Interior Design Course?

This article provides an explanation of why different courses are available to potential interior design students. A number of the most common subjects is discussed.

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