Building a Home – The Foundation | Behind the Walls – Episode 1

Behind the Walls: Episode 1 showcases what goes into creating a home’s foundation, from digging the basement to pouring the concrete, and even waterproofing the basement walls.

Behind the Walls is Home Channel TV ‘s first new home construction web series where we follow a home being built from start to finish.

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5 Amazing Ways To Channelize The Bohemian Decor In The Bedroom

Bohemian is not a trend, it is rather a state of mind. Bohemian decor is for those free souls who like to break rules and conventions. Defining the boho style is an attempt to label something which cannot be labelled, as it is totally based on the impulses of the individual.

Professional Staircase Accents And Railings

These structures also illuminate any home or offices lighting system. This is a great way to save time and money, since these units allow natural light to pass through. This means you no longer have to turn on interior lighting systems to illuminate certain parts of the home.

5 Home Decor Accessories That Make a Statement

Home decor is a very good way of pronouncing your personality to the world. A house that is very lived in has to have some accessories that add to its personality. These range from works of art, antiques, and rugs that come in various colors, patterns and shapes.

Sneaky Ways To Trick Up Your Home Decor

So you have wanted to redecorate your home, but you think it will break your wallet? Your home could look like it has undergone thousands of dollars of redecoration on the cheap. Many of these tricks are DIY and require just a little innovation. You can try these ideas even on shabby chic home decor and furniture to make it look out of this world.

Guide On How To Install Wall Stickers

For your wall stickers to stick properly and look great for long, you have to install them properly. Here are tips on how to properly install the units: Ensure that the wall is properly prepared – As you might know, wall stickers don’t stick well on rough and dirty surfaces. If the surface is rough, you should smoothen it by sanding or using any of your other preferred methods. You should also clean the surface in order to get rid of dirt, oil and any other substances that might be there.

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