Best Kitchens | Top 10 Kitchen Designs We Toured in 2017

Kitchen Design Inspiration – Our Top 10 Kitchen Designs we had a chance to tour this year. Our choices are shown in no particular order. Enjoy!

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Five Simple Decoration Ideas If Your Budget Is Small

Every home owner has design ambitions they would like to try. Some have big design ambitions and ideas but they do have enough money. If you want to decorate massively but money is a problem, the solution is simple. Just do what you can with the money you have.

Five Tips to Ensure Your Framing Fits Your Feng Shui

Don’t pick a frame that clashes with furniture and other decor. Use this advice to make sure your framing accentuates the natural beauty of the environment.

Before and During – The Start of a Renovation Story

The market is really hot over here in the TC so when the market analysis came back on our house it was quite a bit higher than we were hoping for. First confirmation that we were to sell. That continued with our house selling fast. Second confirmation. Things were quickly falling into place.

The Devil In The Details: How Picture Frames Can Change Everything

Designing a home is mostly a series of small decorative choices that add up to an overall atmosphere. Picture frames are one of those decisions that may not seem important but can make a huge difference.

Minimalist Home Designs – Considerations You Must Know

There are some factors you must consider when choosing minimalist home designs. Some of these factors include choosing the right color and adding technology.

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