Best Bathrooms | Top 10 Bathroom Designs We Toured in 2017

Bathroom Design Inspiration – Our Top 10 Bathroom Designs we had a chance to tour this year. Our choices are shown in no particular order. Enjoy the designs!

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Design Guide: Creating the Perfect Home Office

With the number of Americans working from home on the rise- creating a functional,beautiful, and efficient home-office becomes a necessity. This is a 10 step guide to designing the perfect in-home office.

Understanding Nursery Tree Wall Stickers

All parents want to put a smile on their children. Unfortunately, the children don’t like everything that their parents do for them. If you have been trying to decorate your child’s nursery and he/she doesn’t like, you should try decorating it with nursery tree wall stickers.

Benefits of Poured Limestone

Poured limestone is a great alternative to concrete and will give your home a fantastic feel. If you are interested in the benefits of using poured limestone around your house, you need to read this article.

Creative Ideas for Empty Perfume Bottles

If you’re like most women then your vanity or bathroom sink has a few perfume bottles. Some may be full while others are just about empty. Before you throw away your empty bottles or ones with just a smidgen of fragrance left, let’s find some purposeful ways to utilize them.

Ways to Add a Cosy Feel to Your Home

Regardless of the season it’s nice to feel a warm cosy atmosphere in your home. However as we move into the colder months it becomes even more important to make your home an an inviting cosy place for you to relax and chill. There’s way more to being cosy that just being warm it’s the illusion you create and your furniture can contribute massively to this.

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