Behind the Walls S1 – Ep 8 | Custom Home Walk-through Tour of Airhart’s Custom Home Model

Custom Home Walk-through: The 8th and final Episode of Behind the Walls Season 1 is a in-depth walk-through of Airhart Construction’s finished custom model home showcasing all the features and finishes installed over the last month.

Behind the Walls is Home Channel TV ‘s first new home construction web series where we follow a home being built from start to finish.

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Why Online Is the Best Place to Buy Your Curtain Fabric

Online shopping is now commonplace for virtually every item that you can think of, whether you are looking for clothes, home decor items or electrical appliances for your property. There are many reason for this, including convenience and lower prices, and this is why shopping via the internet continues to grow in popularity.

3 Easy Ways to Update Your Decor for Summer

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, more and more people are looking to bring summer into their homes by the way of redecorating with brighter colors and patterns. However, completely reupholstering is not an option or even desirable for everyone, but there are still ways to bring a touch of summer into the home.

Choosing the Best Wooden Table Designs Online for Your Home

If you plan on getting wooden tables online soon then here’s a short guide to help you find the right wood products for your home. It will help you get the right high quality products to suit your decor.

Fantasies Throb With Life And Color In Regal Marble & Onyx Mosaics

The variety never ends with the Marble & Onyx Mosaics as they reach us from around the world. If you got tired of sameness in tiles and in life, look forward to the most immersive visual treats! Not only are they princely and exotic in color and natural veins after infinite years within the embrace of Mother Nature, but durability is guaranteed for natural stone products. Their immense popularity with homeowners, contractors and designers ensure that the trends would be followed globally.

Metal Mosaic Tile In Stainless Steel And Several Vibrant Colors!

We relate metals more to functional aspects rather than design and beauty. Grays and blacks are the shades we usually associate metals with though copper, gold and platinum do come in delightful shades. Who would have thought that tiles on floors and walls could be made of metals like stainless steel? Since humanity has left no stone unturned and invented the unlikeliest of products in our search for innovation and excellence, glance at the metal mosaic possibilities for the home or office.

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