Behind the Walls – Episode 7 – Installing the Mechanicals in a Home

Installing the MEP’s (Mechanicals, Plumbing & Electrical) – Episode 7 of Behind the Walls is all about what goes into installing many of the mechanicals in a new home.

Behind the Walls is Home Channel TV ‘s first new home construction web series where we follow a home being built from start to finish.

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The Simplest Guidance For Kitchen Worktops You’ve Ever Heard

While selecting kitchen worktops, you should be concerned not just about the design and material aspects, but also the size of your worktops. If you are remodeling your kitchen, you should also have a basic knowledge about how to match the worktop to the existing style of your kitchen.

All About Knotted or Pile Rugs – Part 2

In the last Knotted or Pile post, we described the main types of knots used to make oriental rugs. Although there are three kinds of knots used in contemporary Oriental weaving, only two styles are used frequently in market rugs and carpets. The two knots – the Persian and the Turkish-create different styles and patters in the rug or carpet, helping distinguish the culture of origin to customers and salesmen. Typically, the quality of the rug or carpet is determined by several different factors, one of which is the fineness of the knotting.

The Obligations of a Renovation of Contractor

If you have renovation or any project that need an expert (that is, a contractor) to oversee it, you can hire a contractor and pay him for saving you all the troubles it would have taken to get it done by yourself. But if you intend to act as your contractor or you just want to have knowledge as to what an ideal contractor brings to the table.

Thing To Consider For Best Vanities

To have things organized and easily accessible is something that everyone prefers. When it is necessary, things at our home or office is reachable quickly without any search. It makes sense as in today’s world, people don’t have time for all these things. Having a very well-organized washroom becomes essential especially in a large family. Often, we forget where we have kept used items. Using vanities will help us to store things and also for easy accessibility in the washrooms. We must always choose a vanity set that fits into the available space. These are available in different sizes and colors. Also, these can be found in different price ranges according to our requirements.

Geometry Accents in Interior Design

Geometric elements in home decor are hugely popular and fit in various interior design styles. Learn different ways of how to decorate an interior with geometric elements.

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