Behind the Walls – Episode 6 – Insulating the Home – Energy Saving Cellulose Insulation

Insulating the Home – Episode 6 of Behind the Walls is all about the advantages of Premium Cellulose Insulation by Nu-Wool.

Behind the Walls is Home Channel TV ‘s first new home construction web series where we follow a home being built from start to finish.

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All About Knotted or Pile Rugs: Part 1

The term ‘pile’ refers to the ends of the yarn that protrude upwards on an Oriental rug, forming the surface of the rug itself. The pile is created when weavers tie a short piece of yarn around two warp strands – warp meaning the strands that run top to bottom in a rug – to hold the rug together. The process of tying the short piece of yarn and creating the pile is referred to as knotting. The term ‘knotting’ best describes this process because after tying the yarn together, the weavers beat the rugs, causing the warp, weft, and ties to form a secure knot that holds the rug together.

Amazingly Bold Maximalist Interiors

Embracing opulent intricate styles and bold exotic colors and more pattern upon pattern, maximalist design is abundantly interesting and amazingly overwhelming. Fabulous and the most dazzling interiors that follow the “more is more” approach are styled such that there is never enough to look at.

Create an Interesting Space in Any Media Room With a Modern Wall Television Stand

On the hunt for the perfect wall TV stand? There is much to know about the other options before making a final decision.

Decorating With White Fixtures for a Versatile Interior Space

No matter how much one denies it, they enjoy switching up their interiors. With as many times as interior decor trends and styles change, it’s no surprise that it’s necessary in order to keep a home or office looking fresh and modern. White TV cabinets, bookshelves, desks and cabinetry are great options for many spaces, as white never goes out of style.

5 Amazing Facts Before You Buy Designer Cushion Covers

Cushions are the must item in your house. It is a great home decor item that will make your simple sofa or bed attractive.

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