Behind the Walls – Episode 2 – Framing the House | Build a Home Series

Behind the Walls: Episode 2 – The new home starts to take shape as framing begins. Learn about some of the aspects involved with framing a home in today’s new construction environment.

Behind the Walls is Home Channel TV ‘s first new home construction web series where we follow a home being built from start to finish.

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The Best Locations to Buy Oriental Rugs

Once you decide to purchase an oriental rug or carpet for your home, you may be slightly overwhelmed by the number of places to buy from. It is important to shop around before you make a purchase to ensure that you find the best offer on the market. With the wide variety of places available to purchase rugs from, there are options for every type of rug-purchasing consumer needs.

Treat Your Window With Shutters to Create an “Open” Feeling

Decorating a home can be difficult. Everything from the floor to the ceiling and to the walls are expected to harmonize and capture the “exact feel” you want. The type of materials, colors, along with many factors are carefully considered so that there will be no clashing in patterns, and the entire home will be designed “just perfectly.

Effective Ways To Add Charm To Existing Interiors

Wondering how you can revamp the interiors of your house? These are tips that can come in handy in many ways!

Fresh Design Ideas for Old Barn Boards

Reclaimed barn boards have a wonderful place in contemporary design. They bring a sense of history and character that is hard to find in modern materials and they come with the environmental benefit of reusing a resource that would otherwise be discarded.

Planning For Wall Coverings – Select The Right Option From Wallpaper Or Paint

Every corner of your dream house needs to look pretty and stylish. When it comes to decorate your walls, earlier you had the only option to paint it. However, now you can create your own masterpiece with customised walls either with wallpaper or paint or combination of both. The selection between these two needs to be made diligently after considering different aspects.

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