Before & After Whole House Renovation for Wounded Veteran – Project by KLM Builders & Remodelers

KLM Builders & Remodeling teamed up with Homes for Heros to renovate and deliver a house to a Purple Heart, Injured Veteran. The home was vacant for 5 years and had experienced extensive water damage. The KLM Remodeling team, lead by Bruce, completely gutted most of the home and restored the house to new like condition.
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Log Cabin Decorating – Not Just For The Country or Wilderness Living Anymore

Log cabin decor isn’t just for cabins or log homes anymore which may explain the rise in its popularity. You don’t need to live in the country or wilderness to bring a warm, comfy feel inside. With its simplicity and beauty, this style can fit well into any home. Using the wide variety of furniture and accessories available today, you can bring the charm and homey feeling to every room.

Make Life Colorful and Designed With Kenzzi Collection of Tiles

The new trends are welcome with new fashions and the old fashions are rolled over with old trends. The ceramic tiles are decorated in the walls of Mediterranean villas and European monasteries in the 12th century. However, these types of tiles are available in markets. The Kennzi collections of tiles are decorate in hotels, spas, terraces, and restaurants. Even it becomes a decorative item in the home.

Home Decor Tips You Should Use For Easy Revamping

With every passing year, the interior designers bring in new decor trends, and 2016 is not any different. With advancements in every field, interior design has probably not been left behind. As we all know, changing your entire household decor after a year is a cumbersome process and one that is not always affordable for everyone.

Decoration Is A Knowledge That Deserves To Be Studied

Decorating, for most people is like a bottomless pit, tens of thousands of cans, hundreds of thousands will not be too much. Many people will find that their decoration always exceeds the budget, but the money actually spent is damaged.So if you have limited resources on how to spend well? It’s learning, look down, you’ll like it.

The Right Purchase of Vintage and Patterned Tiles

Wondering what tiles to install in the new home or extension, the trendy vintage, and patterned ceramics would make good deals. The style and the texture say a lot indeed! Interior design prefers patchwork designs and walls and floors could be decorated according to your wishes with the mix and matchboxes.

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