Before & After Bathroom Remodels in Marengo

3 Bathrooms get a complete makeover by KLM Kitchens Baths & Floors. The bathroom remodels included new vanity tops, cabinetry, new flooring, plumbing fixtures, tub and showers. To learn more about KLM Kitchens Baths Floors click here:

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How to Choose Venetian Blinds

Since curtains seem to be the most commonly used window covering among homes throughout the world, you thought of considering window blinds instead. And as you browse over the different types of this particular window treatment option, you realize that they are actually available in a lot of choices – from wood to metal, from vertical to horizontal, and from sheer to block out.

New Colour Combinations for Your Home

Personalising the interiors of your home is easier said than done. Painting your walls in your favorite colors does this with minimum effort. Colors can be used in a variety of combinations, and their themes keep changing. We have all seen the various changes on our walls. Textures also let us play with the effect a color will have on the room. A textured wall adds dimensions to the room. With every passing year the color combinations that are most in vogue keep changing. It is best to first pick a basic theme and then choose the colors.

Custom Picture Framing: Is It Possible To Find Inexpensive Custom Picture Framing

Custom framing can get to be expensive. But if you shop and around and educate yourself on the process, you can complete a unique and beautiful project within a reasonable budget.

From Modern To Vintage To Eclectic – Simple Interior Design Ideas For Young Professionals

City living is expensive and more so for young professionals. For people who cannot afford real estate properties or detached houses, a high rise executive condominium is a good choice of investment. Not only is it more affordable, it also provides convenience for young professionals who need to stay near their work area, for safety and relative peace of mind.

How to Choose the Right Scented Candle for Your Home

While you can’t see it, the scent of your home is one of the first things that visitor’s to your home will notice. To ensure that your home smells inviting, you may want to use scented candles. To help you choose a scent that is ideal for your home, I have put together some helpful tips.

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