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How The Colour Of A Room Affects Our Moods

Although scientific research has not fully answered why, or how colour affects our moods, studies conclude there is little doubt that it does. They can affect how we feel, think and react in situations, and when it comes to our living space, shades and tones say so much, about our personalities and how we see ourselves and the world around us.

How to Clean Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters look their best when they are at their cleanest. Learn the proper technique for cleaning your plantation shutters.

Designers Using Rugs for Your Spaces

We women all love us some jewelry! It is what finishes off our outfits and makes the statement we are after complete. Without it, our outfits just wouldn’t be all that they could be. I like to think of rugs in a room as the jewelry to our outfit as without it, the room just wouldn’t be complete. The design we are after can resonate through so much better by the use of a rug. With that, I always love to see the newest rug designs and what new trends are taking center stage.

Removing Wall Decals Without Destroying Your Walls

Question: What is the best way to remove a decal from my wall? Answer: I’ve addressed this topic in the past, but it’s a good question and one I’m happy to answer again so you don’t have to try to find the answer in a past article, because, as we all know, the internet is a black hole time sucker. First, although you didn’t specifically ask this question, let me say what I hope to be the case, and that is that you painted your own walls prior to apply the wall decals or stickers, and not only that, that you did it the right way, which I will explain now.

You Change Your Hairstyle, Why Not Your Decor?

From time to time you change your hairstyle, your clothing options, and even the model of your cars so why would your home be any different? Perhaps the fear of a large construction project has you standing still in your current, outdated decor that needs a facelift without delay. You can avoid the intrusion of work crews into your home by undertaking a do-it-yourself project that includes installing decorative vinyl wall panels that will provide you with an immediate impact on the appearance of your home.

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