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Questions to Ask Your Windows and Doors Contractor

All too often, the crucial questions that every contractor should be asked before they start a job get overlooked. It’s not because we don’t care, but most of the time it’s because we’re just not aware of which questions to ask. Here’s a list of the must-ask questions to any contractor you’re thinking about hiring.

A Rare Read: The Rare Book Library, II

Rare books are not only investments, they are treasures, indeed. Their provenance tells a great story, lending both intrigue and intellectual value to the tome. Who owned it, when it was printed, who printed it, where was it printed, whose binding adorns it, and whose notes annotate it – all these and more are some of the seminal questions to be asked about a rare book. Heather adroitly sums it up: “As artifacts, books communicate more than words on their pages: in type and design, materials and construction, they remind us that ours is not the only historical moment. They satisfy our desire to own and handle well-made objects, to live among them, to give each other something lasting, rather than simply clicking “share.”

Finding a Good Home Interior Design Institute

A lot of people these days are confused about the profession they should choose. It is obvious that one’s job should reflect his skills. If you have an eye for decor and enjoy renovating the interior of your home to give it a unique appearance, you should consider becoming an interior designer.

The True Cost of Wallpaper

The true cost of wallpaper has to factor in the longevity of the paper as well as the decor the product can achieve. When it comes to paint, it might be cheaper up front, but over the years you will spend more with paint than with even the most luxurious wallpaper.

Some Design Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

There are rules that apply to just about everything in life. Interior decorating and design is no different. You begin to hear to rules almost immediately. But some rules are meant to be broken, including those listed below.

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