A Zucchini Pancake Recipe that will Tantalize the Taste Buds

Watch as Chef Todd from the Boulder Ridge Country Club creates a refreshing Zucchini Pancake dish.
To see more from Chef Todd and learn about the Boulder Ridge Country Club visit: http://boulderridgecountryclub.blogspot.com/

The Rising Popularity of Wallpaper

Several factors have contributed to the recent rise in the popularity of wallpaper, but perhaps none more so than the advent of new technologies in adhesives and digital printing. By making wallpaper easy to remove, and by increasing the styles and patterns available, it has become more popular with decorators, designers and homeowners.

Creating an Inviting Space With Home Accessories

Making your living room an inviting place is a great way to bring your friends and family together. You can create a space where people want to dine and relax and a space where guests feel welcome with the right home accessories. In terms of family you can cultivate a room where kids want to stay and finish their homework next to parents who are reading under a new fashionable lamp. You can absorb some of the sound and cold cultivated by hard wood floors by placing a fur hide in the center of the floor. You can turn a kitchen table into a nice place to dine and relax with matching placemats and seat cushions.

Custom Rugs – The Answer to Affordable Designer Rugs

Designer rugs add a real zest and refined finish to any interior. Whether it is a loud and modern style or a luxurious and timeless look you are after, designer rugs are undoubtedly stunning and often add that final and perfect touch to your home. Sadly, designer rugs can also cost up to thousands of pounds or dollars per square metre. A simple and effective answer to this, an answer that not only allows you to have a designer style and quality rug but tailor it to your own colour scheme and size, is custom rugs.

“I Cannot Live In A World Without Books” – Jefferson

As the book art form grows increasingly rarer, the value of rare books will appreciate. The gentleman’s private library has always been a haven where one gleans a sense of intellectual spirituality at home. Surrounded by a wealth of knowledge, the collector sees his library as a sanctuary from the labors and toils of the day, a place where he finds serenity from the outside world – a halcyon visit to another time and place. What follows is a primer on what constitutes designing the Rare Book Library.

Lighting Solutions For The Master Bedroom

Artificial illumination is one of the key elements of maintaining a comfortable, safe house. It also highlights design aspects and converts a house into a home.

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