8 Master Bathroom Designs You May Like – Interior Design Ideas

Check out these 8 Master Bath Designs for a little inspiration.

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Featured bathrooms from the following builders & remodelers:

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Things to Consider While Buying a Bedsheet

When it comes to keeping up with your home decor, determining the quality of a bedsheet is important. If you are looking forward to buy bedsheets, considering several factors can help you choose the right one.

The Beauty of Designer Homes

A designer is always essential to design a house perfectly because only a designer can know the best and cost effective way of designing a house. If you want to build your dream house, assign an experienced designer to design your house.

Interior Designers: Why You Need Them

Why You Need Interior Designers – If you’re doing up and re-doing your home, one of the questions on your mind might be whether you should go for an interior designer, or take it all into your hands. There are many pleasures in the hands-on method, though they come balanced out with their own measure of headaches.

Vastu – The Yoga of Interiors

Intricately Hand carved and crafted from exotic woods like teak, rosewood, authentic traditional Indian furniture is rustic and very solid. Beautiful patinas, colors of the deserts and carvings that are reminiscent of old architecture, Indian furniture is in a class by itself. Rich with history of the old world and vedic symbols, armoires and cabinets made with gorgeous woods and beautiful motifs of Indian gods enrich your interiors.

Buddha Wall Art

For thousands of years, some people have regarded Buddha as their spiritual head for the purpose of transferring knowledge and truth to his disciples. His followers are devoted to him, and honor him due to his blessings to his followers as well as non-followers. Different forms of arts like Buddha statues, Buddha wall art and pictures, and chanting manuscripts are used as a form of reverence or obeisance. For centuries, followers and admirers have been sculpting Buddha for what they believed to be virtues transmitted to them. Buddhism has had a big stronghold in Asian countries like Japan, Singapore, China, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, and India. Because of this, Buddha is called the Light of Asia. Buddhism has touched a large number of tribes and groups and has influenced their religion to no small measure. Buddha figures and paintings have been made by artists to preserve the historical, mystical and cultural values of Buddhism and to showcase their passion for the religion. Buddha wall art is an eminent creation for preserving Buddha’s presence and practices. The wall art takes the form of Thangka paintings, pictures, Vajras, bells, Stupas, etc.

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