5 Kitchen Designs with Pop of Color | Interior Design Ideas | Painted Cabinets

Five Kitchen Designs with a subtle pop of color on the cabinets. Traditional kitchen designs with painted cabinets or islands.
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The Stylish Cowhide Rug For Your Floors

Wooden and stone flooring is beautiful but can lack warmth. Cowhide rugs are a stylish, natural addition to any room with smooth floors. The plush, thick fur provides some vibrancy and helps keep feet warm throughout the year. Available in a variety of colors, cowskin rugs can add a sense of elegance and completeness to any space. The natural look of cow skin matches well with stone and wood, creating a theme of comfort and luxury.

Some Chic Ideas For Staircase Lighting

Lighting can be done everywhere and they can make any corner of your home appealing and glitzy. But, usually people are more concerned about lighting in the hallway, bathroom, kitchen and other spaces and forgets about the staircase. Now, you’ll say that what is the need of special lighting for the staircase but actually there is. I am a home decor connoisseur and what I feel is just like your hallway your staircase also requires some attention. And here I am listing different lighting options that you might consider.

Selecting a Contractor for Commercial Interior and Exterior Remodeling

Need assistance for a commercial remodeling project? Read on to find out what aspects matter when selecting an interior and exterior remodeling contractor!

Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

Modern homes and apartments differ in greatly in design, but still they contain a mutual characteristic -the lack of space. The most important point of view for since home concept evolved.

90’s Decor Ideas Thar Are a Complete No-No for the Modern Home

Just like fashion, interior decor trends are at times a fusion of different time periods. However, some styles are not as trendy as we thought. As we go down memory lane to revisit fads that we thought really rocked back in the day, we will discover that most of them were not all they were pumped up to be.

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