5 FAVS – Our Five Favorite Kitchen Designs from Fall 2015

5Favs – Kitchen Designs: From custom cabinetry to spacious islands, here are some of our 5 Favorite Kitchen Designs from Fall 2015.

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Future of Footsools

The future of footstools has never looked so good, not only does your health benefit, but they are fabulously functional too. This article looks at footstools and ottomans and predicts how they will fit in to this years current interior design trends.

Key Elements to Be Considered Whilst Designing The Exterior of A Retail Store

This article discusses how a store is a powerful tool in the hands of retailers that can be used to meet the customer’s expectations from a brand. It also discusses the importance of exterior store design and the vital elements that affect the exterior look of the store.

Want A Beautifully Decorated Home? 3 Things Your Husband Needs To Hear You Say

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, a quick and easy guide to interior design projects that make both of you happy. Great results can be had all within your carefully planned budget.

Where East Meets West: “Flow” in Design

When we talk about “flow” and space we immediately think Eastern philosophy. The word conjures up a Feng Shui image in our minds. And, though, the Feng Shui practitioners would state that their skills and expertise is particular to their profession, I would argue that the good “energies” these experts impart is endemic to most well designed spaces. That is, a good architect / designer knows how to carve and manipulate square footage so that the plan flows and good energies are perfectly married.

The Many Uses Of Window Film

There are many uses for window film today. Commercially it is often used to conserve energy and as an added layer of security. But for interior designers, window film has become a tool to add light and color to a home as well as privacy. Here are three types most commonly used today.

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