5 Favs – Our Favorite Masterbath Designs for Fall 2015

From walk-in showers to walk-in closets, here are our 5 favorite master bathroom designs from our video tours in Fall of 2015.
Which is your favorite?

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Featuring bathrooms from David Weekley Homes, US Shelter Homes, Plote Homes

Choosing Discount Sheer Curtains

Sheer fabric is popularly used for many types of curtains, and the partial see through fabric looks amazing hanging on the windows of your home. This article focusses on choosing the discount sheer fabric curtains with several options available for the home owners.

Let Your Personality Run Free With Home Accessories

Maybe you’re the rustic type and enjoy things that are simple and uncomplicated; or maybe you’re really earthy and like natural materials and warm tones. Or, you might be daring and outgoing and love glitz and glam. Whatever your personality, you can let it loose in your home with the right home accessories.

Home Design or Decor

It is said that creativity is best unleashed in your own space. ‘Own space’ means your home or apartment or the space that you use for your living. There are any numbers of options for homeowners to design and decorate their homes, whether apartments or individual structures set within a boundary.

Vacation In Your Home Year-Round With A DIY Sun Porch

A DIY sun porch offers an easy way to add an elegant addition to your home and some models mount very easily to an existing patio or deck. Even better, since you put it together yourself, it cuts out the middle man and associated costs. You can also complete it at your own pace which is very ideal to some homeowners. A sun porch can also help add curb appeal and value to your home.

Templates Make Planning Easier

Whether you are adding a new room or doing a room remodel, or re-working a room into a different function, templates can help you both visualize the changes and determine exactly what your new space can accommodate. For years, I have used templates to get a feel for the space I’m working with, and find that many clients feel more comfortable once they can “stand in the space” they expect to have once the walls are up or down.

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