5 FAVS – Our Favorite Great Room Designs

From contemporary & traditional to grand & cozy, here are five of our favorite Great Room Designs for 2015.
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The Rare Book Library: Home Sanctuary III

The gentleman’s private library has always been a haven where one gleans a sense of intellectual spirituality at home. Surrounded by a wealth of knowledge, the collector sees his library as a sanctuary from the labors and toils of the day, a place where he/she finds serenity from the outside world – a halcyon visit to another time and place. As the collector Jack Holmes expresses, “What I find the most satisfying about being a book collector is the responsibility I am taking on by being the temporary custodian of a particular literary treasure. Thus, the rare book library becomes the owner’s respite from without, a private sanctuary from which to derive inspiration and delight.

How To Identify Different Grades of Granite Worktop Surfaces

When it comes to grading granite worktops, it can be quite confusing to determine which is which. There is actually no international grading standard. The pricing and grading of a granite slab is often determined by the manufacturers themselves.

Common Decorating Problems Solved!

Many homeowners encounter a number of common decorating issues that they simply don’t know how to tackle. Whether their space is too small, the choices of paint colour is simply overwhelming, or the clutter is boarding on hoarding, the issues are seemingly endless. Luckily, there are a number of solutions to tackle such issues to create the best space possible in your home!

Home Reconstruction Project – Explore The Multiple Benefits Of Suspended Ceilings

As modern architecture entered the field, false or suspended ceilings became very popular. Besides enhancing the aesthetic value of your house, they help lower your electricity bill.

Effective Ideas for Designing an Aesthetic and Functional Conference Room

The article tells that a conference room plays a pivotal role in any office as it is the place where important meetings are held and ideas are exchanged. It also discusses key elements including layout design, colour, furniture and equipment for designing a conference room that is stylish as well as functional.

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