5 FAVS – Five Screened Porches You May Like!

5 FAVS – Here are five of our favorite Screened Porches from last Fall.

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Redecoration on a Budget

Be organized and put together a list before redecorating your home. If you are on a budget, there are several money saving ideas that will go a long way in renewing your living spaces.

Window Film For Privacy, Energy And Decor

This article will discuss the three benefits to using window film in your home. While there are thousands of styles and types of window film, all have three basic benefits: energy conservation, privacy and decor.

BLACK AND WHITE: Day and Night

While modern sensibility gravitates towards the neutrals of beige and beige, we seem to have forgotten the neutrals of “the lost generation”: black and white. Gertrude Stein may have had other colors in mind in coining the phrase, but it recalls her zeitgeist and the Cole Porter era. With the burgeoning of photography, images are cast in black and white, suggesting the complexity and uncertainty of the Great War while alluding to the security of a black and white world. These were the neutrals of that time: black and white. Of course, we know that when thrown together, they are anything but. The product of their marriage is color, the grays of reality with its transcending ambiguity.

Renovating With Wallpaper

Wallpaper can set the mood like nothing else. From romantic floral prints to bold geometrics, it can work as a dramatic feature wall or decorate an entire room. It’s a great way to disguise flawed or uneven surfaces.

Home Interior Decoration – Break The Conventional Myths And Emerge Successful

Your home stands for your character and lifestyle. So, proper in-house decoration is a must. Instead of trying the conventional ideas, go ahead and try something new or innovative.

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