5 FAVS – Five of Our Favorite Master Bath Designs for Spring 2015

From Walk-in Showers to custom vanities – check out these 5 Favorite Bathroom Designs for 2015.
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Clever Use Of Colour Can Transform A Room From Gloomy To Radiant

If you asked any interior designer what the single most important aspect of room decoration is, they would all tell you the same thing – clever and appropriate use of colour. Colour is not just a way to ensure things match. It is how we create mood and the right atmosphere for a room. It is also how we can reflect our own moods. The colours we choose for our living and working spaces are extremely important. Using the wrong colour really can affect how the room is used, enjoyed, and whether it is comfortable or not.

Transform Your Home With Some Insider Tips From Experts In Interior Design

Your home is your haven. It is the place where you can relax, spend time with loved ones, and it’s where you should feel safe, secure and at peace. Your home is also a reflection of you, your life and your personality. But it’s not always easy to express all that in one room is it? For many people, choosing the décor, colour scheme or furniture for a room can be a difficult decision. It takes a special eye and talent to create a coherent, pleasing space that accentuates the space while it adds beauty and functionality.

Important Benefits Of Fiberglass Roofing Sheets

One of the most popular building materials used in homes include fiberglass roofing. It was used since the year 1930. It is widely available in the form of roofing sheets and shingles. There are many beneficial features of these sheets which increases its popularity and usage.

Purple Girls Bedding Sets: Lots of Decorating Possibilities

Are you thinking about decorating your kids room in purple? There are lots of ways to go. Here are a few things to consider before you start.

Monochromatic Color Schemes for a Bedroom Design

Monochromatic color schemes are most popular in the bedroom. This is because the technique produces a calming, soothing effect conducive to relaxation. Achieving this effect is not difficult, but it does require some expertise. What you need to know is explained in this article.

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