5 FAVS – Five Awesome Basement Bars We Love!

Five of our favorite basement bars to date … let us know what you think!
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Design Reality Vs TV Design

The design craze brought on by ever-present TV shows sparks some reality checks in my everyday business. It is all well and good to see a room come together in under thirty minutes, given commercial breaks, but quite another when living through any type home redesign. I do believe that most people are sophisticated enough to realize this difference, but somewhere in the back of many minds is the hope that a redesign can actually happen as seen on TV.

Top Five Window Treatment Trends For 2014

Are your windows begging for attention? Switch things up this year by adding new window treatments!

Three Occasions When Paintable Wallpaper Is The Perfect Option

Paintable wallpaper is textured, decorative wallpaper designed to be painted. It can be used in a variety of rooms to produce different decors. This article will examine three occasions when it is the perfect tool for the job.

Reasons Behind Popularity of Thermal And Blackout Curtains

Why Thermal curtains and Black Out curtains are becoming popular is because they provide many benefits to the customers. They can keep the place warm during winter and cool during summer. The thermal ones regulate temperature within the area, and the black ones keep light out to create the perfect sleeping and relaxing conditions in day time.

THE NEW SERENITY: A Design Philosophy

With the onset of a new century, there is a calm sensibility prevailing over lifestyles. This New Serenity embraces design where today’s renovators and creators are seeking a timeless, classical quality that invites a refuge from the hectic pace of living.

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