2-minute Tours: The Luxury Townhomes of Mackenzie Place in Wheaton, IL – Built by Airhart

Only a couple homes remain in this luxury townhome community in Wheaton, IL by Airhart Construction. To learn more about these homes visit Airhart’s site here: http://airhartconstruction.com/wheaton-mackenzie-place/

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Making Interior Design Product Selections

Selecting products for an interior design project is an overwhelming task. Wade through the selections with the assistance of professionals and these tips!

Tips to Create a Great Dining Space

Your dining room doesn’t have a boring room in the home, in fact brightening up the space can make it a more enjoyable room to make use. Many people turn their dining rooms into dark spaces which are unappealing, not functional in any way and seem as a place that is seldom used.

How to Give Your Bedroom a Romantic Makeover

We’ve all seen pictures in glossy magazines of bedrooms that look so totally beautiful you’d do anything to stay in them. We’re talking about those rooms that ooze style and sophistication and look like they cost a fortune to makeover.

5 Essential Steps to Decorating Your Christmas Tree

With the right Christmas tree selected for your home, make sure that you’re able to decorate in style by following these five essential steps. Each step will help your tree sparkle, whilst the placement of decorations can help add depth to your tree.

Curating Your Personal Art Gallery: How to Choose Art Pieces for Your Home

Original art pieces bring character and beauty to your home. With help from your local art gallery, you can build a tasteful collection that brings life and color to every room in the house.

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