2-Minute Tours: The Luxury Rowhomes of Courthouse Square in Wheaton

New luxury Georgian Style Townhomes located in the heart of downtown Wheaton, IL. To learn more about these elegantly designed homes from Airhart Construction visit their site here: http://airhartconstruction.com/wheaton-courthouse-square/

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Light Up Your Home With the Right Lampshades

Although small in size, lampshades have important visual impact in any room’s décor. Spend some time thinking and planning before you go shopping to make the right choice.

How to Tastefully Use Leather in Your Living Room

Adding leather to your living room can be done in a variety of ways. Leather couches are undeniably comfortable, but an easier way to add a touch of class is to use a club chair. These are not only comfortable, they are attractive and allow for easy decorating.

Interior Designers Make Homes Beautiful To Live In

The article is written on interior decoration and how interior designing can embellish a home. An interior designer of repute would explore possibilities of enhancing the beauty of a home. Hence interior decoration is absolutely essential for an attractive look and feel.

Choosing Between Wood and Vinyl Plantation Shutters

Wood plantation shutters are the most traditional choice for homeowners, but vinyl shutters are becoming more and more popular. Here’s a look at how the two compare.

Accessories As Necessities

In decorating, form should always follow function, and it is a happy circumstance when form follows function and form is made beautiful. We achieved this goal with the addition of the new copper mail box that arrived Christmas morning. The house had an inefficient mail slot in the wall of the entry, and the slot probably served its purpose well enough in the 1930s, but with all the unwanted mail, catalogs and magazine subscriptions, not to mention the bills and cards still making it to our household, the slot in the wall was insufficient to say the least.

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