2-Minute Tours: New David Weekley Home at 638 S. Edgewood in La Grange, IL

This 5 bedroom / 4.5 bath David Weekley Home in La Grange, IL has recently sold. For more homes available from David Weekley Homes in the Chicago area visit: http://www.davidweekleyhomes.com/new-homes/il/chicago/homes-ready-soon

How to Use Snap Frames for Easy Wall Decor

If you are looking for a quick-change art or photo display, you simply can’t go wrong with snap frames. They are easy to use, easy to change out and a must-have if you have artistic children around.

Pakistani Rugs – A Short History – Learn to Identify and Wash Pakistani Rugs

There are many beautiful rugs that can not only bring life to your home but also carry a rich history and cultural significance. Among them is the Pakistani rug with it’s artistic hand woven patterns and plush pile. How does this differ from other rugs? Do you have a rug from this culture? How can you best take care of it?

Table Lamp: For Looks And Function

A table lamp must serve two purposes for you: it has to look good and to match the room it is being placed in and it has to provide the illumination it is supposed to be providing. You see, if a lamp will only provide you lighting and it looks hideous, there will come a time that it will be junked. It is inevitable.

A Lamp For Each Room In Your Home

I can never get tired of looking at a lamp which is why I have a certain piece in every room in my home. If people collect cars, clothes, shoes, plates, table cloths and the likes, I collect lampshades. I just love how it looks and frankly, it is a beautiful accessory to any room. It brightens up an area. It illuminates and revitalizes the whole space. If there is something I cannot live without, it is definitely a lamp.

Table Lamp For Less Than $50

So you think that a table lamp is always worth $100 a piece. In your mind you cannot find a lampshade that looks so nice and performs really well if it is cheap. But what if you can find an inexpensive lighting fixture for your table that adds beauty and illumination for your room?

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