2-Minute Tour: New Home on Ridge Ave in Arlington Heights from US Shelter Homes

This newly completed 4 bedroom, 3 bath home serves up elegant finishes throughout. To learn more about US Shelter Homes visit: http://usshelter.com/

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7 Biggest Interior Design Mistakes That Newbies Make

Are you ready to step up the style in your home? When diving into a design project, there’s a lot more to consider than just picking the right paint colour. In addition to having a good sense for colour, pattern, and scale, there are some design basics to keep in mind. As a designer, I have seen some home owners make pretty big mistakes so here’s seven design faux pas you’ll want to avoid when decorating a room:

Custom Furnishings Have the Capacity to Perfectly Fill a Niche in the Home

Spanning a broad range of roles, custom furnishings are not the exclusive mainstay palatial estates. Unique works exist for a range of budgets, and possess the artistry and quality to outshine and outlast the array of furnishings available from big box stores.

No Money and Guests Are Coming for The Holiday’s – 6 Zero-Cost Tips for A More Beautiful Home

There are times in life, despite our best efforts, when things happen and we must just make the best. If you’re like me nothing dings the household budget like inviting guests over, especially around the holidays. Somehow the money you’d set aside for that new rug, throw pillows or a new piece of art gets tapped and you’re left feeling insecure about your home’s appearance just days before guest are scheduled to arrive. Never fear. There are a handful of quick tips that cost zero (or almost zero) dollars but will help to transform you home into something about which you can feel proud when holiday guests start arriving.

Using the Power of That Mirror, Mirror on Your Wall

Mirrors have fascinated mankind since their origin; the images they project seemed magical to those who had been forced to go to a stream to see their appearance. Mirrors really are magical. They are an innate object capable of creating and sustaining movement. Why are we riveted to them? Because they do move us… they move energy.

4 Ideas for A Perfectly Relaxing Master Bedroom

Regardless of the time of year (though doubly so during this the holiday season), the home should be a retreat from the general madness with which the world beats us up. And if the home itself is to be a safe-haven, then the Master Bedroom should elevate this concept to its highest form and provide the home-owner with a momentary, but none-the-less meaningful, respite.

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