10 Beautiful Backsplash Tile Designs – 2019 Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas for Backsplash Tiles – We’ve selected 10 kitchen backsplash designs from our recent Home Tours for a little inspiration!
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Keep Your Home Warm and Welcoming With These Essential Tips

The trend of modern home is gradually evolving and everybody is looking forward for some new and exciting ideas. Home is a place where you shelter after long, tiring and hectic working hours. Each one of us desires that our house should be quite warm and welcoming. For this people are ready to invest to any extent to make their home look different and unique. Keeping these things in mind interior design services has completely seen a new phase. This year you will get a chance to witness a lot in terms of interior designing.

Find Romance in Pretty Pink Granites on Walls and Floors, Countertops and Backsplashes

Should the choice of decor be based on stylish considerations or issues of practicality? If life is considered to be rosy, decoration would cover all the senses like a sweet love story! Thus arises a combination of style with practical concerns. Why not go in for French designs along with lush fabrics and pretty florals? Use dramatic colors in the decor to blend red earth shades with gentle neutrals and a touch of the rose. The soft colors of granite envelop the room in your senses with one of the exquisite rose granite shades.

How to Place Intriguing Coffee Tables in Your Home

There are many different shaped coffee tables that work perfectly for most living rooms. It’s difficult to decide on what works with the general style of your living room. You need to find furniture that add to the atmosphere while being functional.

How to Decorate Bedroom Ceilings

Interior decoration in general is easy if you know the basics. However, if you’re working over specific tasks such as to decorate bedroom ceilings. Then it becomes difficult to apply general decoration tips. That’s why you need to learn and consider color, size and symmetry concepts.

How to Decorate Bedroom Walls

Wall decoration is an art, one that should be learned and understood at both macro and micro levels. Here we discuss how we can decorate our bedroom walls.

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